Supercharge Your 3CX

Universal Subscription Features


Whether on Windows or Linux, in the cloud or on-prem, we are committed to building the tools you need to succeed.

Check out our product features to find what VoIPTools can do for you and your business.

Automatically remove rights to the phone system.

Play prerecorded greetings when a call is answered to ensure exact script delivery.

Schedule custom recorded, text-to-speech or tone paging announcements.

Leave voicemails or request a call back when extensions become available.

Automatically log out of a queue after a number of calls is exeeded.

Check for missing self-ID messages and automatically create them.

Automatically leave voicemail messages and move to the next call.

Insert pre-recorded messages or sounds into phone calls.

Customize how your organization’s inbound phone calls are routed.

Change your outbound caller ID based on geographical region.

Customers enter their number and receive an instant call back.

Monitor the activities of your inbound/outbound call centers.

Automatically sync your contacts with 3CX using any CSV File.

Create an unlimited number of custom statuses.

Automatically drop calls on internal do-not-call lists and notify the dialer via email.

Create alarms that play through your paging system and phone speakers.

Merge collecting calls with customers billing codes.

Automate the export of 3CX Call Detail Records to SQL or MySQL.

Quickly import all your national and religious holidays.

Automatically gather and report information for hosted 3CX instances.

View all events of a call, including start/end time, transfers, hold times, etc.

Notify on-call employees via phone, email, or SMS with 30 levels of escalation.

Automate the unattended calls to customers using campaigns.

Quickly set up new users and maintain group and queue assignments

Play a sound when too many people are in queue or on hold for too long.

Monitor the activities of your inbound/outbound call centers.

Transfer calls, check schedules, take notes, etc. from a dashboard.

Add an audible beep in calls to ensure your callers know their call is being recorded.

Manage all call recordings using a simple web portal.

Dialer that enables agents to place calls, read survey scripts, and record information.

Get feedback from your callers by creating phone-based automatic surveys.

Transcribe, forward, compress, archive, escalate your voicemails.

Classify, track, and report on phone calls using a simple pop-up.

Rest API / Relay

Build your own custom integrations leveraging our REST API.