Auto Logout

Automatically log users out after they have missed consecutive calls.

Description: Introducing Auto Logout, an advanced add-on for your 3CX phone system designed to monitor queue agents’ responsiveness and automatically log out agents who miss multiple consecutive calls. This intelligent tool enhances your call center’s efficiency, reduces hold times for callers, and maintains accurate 3CX statistical reports.

Key Features:

Missed call monitoring: Auto Logout keeps track of the number of consecutive calls missed by each queue agent.

Automatic logout: Automatically logs out agents from the queue when the permitted number of missed calls is exceeded.

Customizable threshold: Set the maximum number of missed calls allowed before an agent is logged out.


Improved call center efficiency: Reduce the number of unanswered calls and optimize your team’s responsiveness.

Enhanced caller experience: Minimize hold times for callers, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Accurate statistical reporting: Maintain the accuracy of your 3CX statistical reports by preventing skewed results caused by unanswered calls.

Reduced noise levels: Lower noise levels in the office by preventing phones from ringing when no one is available to answer.

Use Cases:

Busy call centers: Auto Logout ensures that agents who are unavailable or away from their desks don’t contribute to increased hold times, resulting in a better caller experience and more efficient call center operations.

Remote workforces: For teams working remotely or in hybrid environments, Auto Logout helps maintain productivity and responsiveness by ensuring that calls are not left unanswered due to agents forgetting to log out of queues.

Organizations with strict service level agreements (SLAs): Auto Logout assists in maintaining SLAs by reducing unanswered calls and optimizing the call handling process.

Upgrade your 3CX phone system with Auto Logout and experience enhanced efficiency, reduced hold times, and a more seamless call center operation.

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