Agent Greeting

Exact introductions every time

Unlimited Recordings

Record as many greetings as you want for any and all circumstances.

Exact Every Time

Ensures that every greeting is the same, with all the necessary information given without mistakes.

Your Voice

Using your own voice means delivery will be perfect, but callers won't know the difference.

Record or Upload

Record and save your greetings in the app or by uploading your own .wav files.

Make sure every greeting is perfect.

Agent greeting was a tool created so that call agents didn’t need to continuously repeat the same introduction again and again. Users can create any number of greetings that can be selected before the call is answered, making agent’s jobs easier, and making certain that any information that needs to be given to a caller is presented exactly the same way every time.

By just recording your introduction, it guarantees that every greeting is perfect – meaning any legal or policy information is given to the caller can be done without fear of missing information or mistakes.

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