Because Auto Voicemail is a web application there is nothing to install on the client computer. And updates are instantly available for all users

Upload Recordings

Upload pre-recorded messages to assure your recordings sound professional and clear.

Auto Transfers

When you select a prerecorded message, the call is instantly transferred to a special extension that plays your message.

Save Time

Remove a tedious chore, while allowing staff to focus on being more productive.

Quickly Leave Voicemail Messages

With Auto Voicemail, when you are routed to a customer’s voicemail box, you can let Auto Voicemail leave the voicemail for you. Simply select a recording from your list and Auto Voicemail will immediately remove you from the call and leave the message for you. Auto Voicemail let’s you instantly get to the next call without wasting time leaving yet another voicemail message.


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