Schedule Notifications

Easily schedule the playing of tones or alarms over your paging system (and phones).

Simplie Configuration

Use our simple-to-use web portal to schedule paging notifications.

Custom Audio

Easily upload custom audio files to use as your announcements or notifications.

Automate Notifications

Increase efficiency for your organization by scheduling as many notifications or messages as you want.

Simplify The Task Of Scheduling Notifications

With 3CX Audio Scheduler you can schedule the playing of tones or recorded messages over your paging system (and phones). 3CX Audio Scheduler is great for notifying employees of break times, shift changes, and more. You can schedule multiple notifications throughout the day. You can play custom tones to meet your specific needs — including recorded messages or other pre-recorded tones and notifications. 3CX Audio Scheduler is a perfect solution for Schools, Airports, and Shift work.

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