Enhanced Billing Codes

Merge collecting calls with customer’s billing codes.


When making Billing calls all employees must enter in customer billing codes to enter calls, making it impossible to loose the calls billing information.

Automatic Data Storage

All calls are connected to billing codes. Upon completing calls, the information is logged in a database for reporting.

Restrict Calls

Account Codes can also define restrictions on the types of calls permitted.

Increase Speed

Customers phone numbers are retrieved upon entering billing codes creating a faster, more streamlined process.

Improve agent performance with the VoIPTools Enhanced Wallboard for 3CX

Make Billing Easier

With 3CX Enhanced Billing Codes, merge collecting calls with customers billing codes is made possible. A great way to enhance the efficiency, security, and organization of your company. Now all collectors must enter in billing codes for customers upon making calls. This links to the phone number and all transactions made during the call are smoothly integrated to the account. With 3CX Enhanced Billing Codes you add an additional layer of security by also requiring an account code. Now security restrictions are not limited to extensions only. Your outbound calls are logged automatically, enabling you can run enhanced billing code reports by account code, department, extension, date range and more. knowing the source of telecom costs makes it possible to easily manage your costs.

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