Setup up recurring on-call schedules. No need to update call forwarding rules or passing around the on-call cell phone.


Escalate notifications when an agent does not answer a call, with up to 30 levels with multiple people per level.

Live Answer or Voicemail

Send callers first to a queue and then fail over to voicemail if an agent doesn’t answer the queue.

Event Logs

Track after-hours support requests, monitor compliance with service level agreements, and track staff performance.

Enhance Agent Performance

If you receive office calls outside of business hours, you need to have someone available to help. 3CX On Call Manager seamlessly integrates with 3CX and makes automated after-hours notifications easy.

Paying for an expensive after-hours answering service? With 3CX On Call Manager, you can create recurring on-call schedules for staff. You can configure for “live answer” using queues or ask callers to leave a voicemail. Employee notifications can be via phone, email, or SMS text with 30 levels of escalation.

Eliminate the daily task of updating the forwarding number for the person on call or passing around the support cell phone. Now you can set up a recurring schedule and forget about it.


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