Custom Presence

Create Unlimited Statuses

Monitor Agents

Track how much time agents are spending in each status.

Easy Reporting

Now you can easily report on historical presence data — something you cannot do with 3CX out of the box!

Map to 3CX

Map your custom status to one of the five built-in statuses so the correct information displays in the 3CX clients.

Real-time Wallboard

View and update your status and see the presence of your colleagues in real-time from the same screen.

Create Your Own Custom Status

Out of the box, 3CX provides 5 presence statuses (Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, Lunch, and Business Trip). 

If you need more statuses to choose from, you need 3CX Custom Presence.  With this new tool, you can create an unlimited number of statuses.  For example, you might want additional statuses for “Break”, “Project Work”, “Wrap-up”, “Vacation” etc.  This is now possible.


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