Auto Self-ID

Simplify the administrative task of managing self-identification messages.

Amazon Polly

Text to speech can use either the build in Windows text to speak engine or for better quality use Amazon Polly.


You can have the self ID tool spell the person’s full name or pronounce the person’s full name.

Multiple Languages

Using Amazon Polly you can have a large selection of languages and voices.

Schedule Service

Schedule time of day to run the service or update on demand.

Simplify Self-Identification Messages

In order to be listed in the 3CX Company Directory, you must first record a self-identification message for each extension. For large organizations ensuring everyone has recorded their self-identification message is an on-going, tedious, time-consuming task. To simplify this administrative task, we have built 3CX Auto Self-ID. This service checks for missing self-identification messages and auto creates them for you using text-to-speech on a scheduled basis (typically nightly).

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