The ‘Preview Dialer’

Read Scripts

Read scripts to your clients after calls are made. Managing and customizing the script is easy with our simple web based system.


Run web-based performance reports on survey data using simple, powerful analyses.

Mini CRM

Track how the service of each of your customers is going with our built-in mini CRM.

Manage Campaigns

Assign agents to phone lists within a campaign and read from survey scripts.

Improve agent performance with the VoIPTools Enhanced Wallboard for 3CX

Enhance Agent Performance

Created to help call centers manage survey and other campaigns, Surveyor is a web-based “preview” dialer for 3CX. With the preview dialer, your agents make “high-touch” outbound calls to your contacts. Manage campaigns, assign agents to phone lists within a campaign, read from survey scripts, record notes in a centralized database, and run web-based performance reports.


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