Call Router

Custom solutions for your company’s call routing needs.

Route By Area Code

This solution extracts the Area Code from the inbound Caller ID number, looks up the area code in a database, obtains the corresponding extension and routes the call to this extension.

On-Call Schedule Routing

Compare the current date/time to a On-Call schedule. If the call is within the scheduled support hours/days, the call is forwarded to the scheduled employee or forwarded to voicemail.

Delivery Status

Our driver-delivery tool keeps you up-to-date on the delivery status by routing driver calls to an IVR that prompts for the driver code, order number, and delivery status so you know your delivery status instantly.

Priority Status

Route your most important customers to a priority queue, while routing other customers to the standard queue.

Call Flows

Whether you want to route calls based on geography, or assigned agent, or account number, or route VIP customers to a priority queue, VoIPTools has a solution for you. Take control of how your organization’s inbound phone calls are routed using a solution from VoIPTools.

3CX Call Router isn’t technically an individual product, rather it is a collection of routing solutions we have developed over the years. If you have a unique routing need, not satisfied by one of our existing routing solutions, we can build a custom solution for you.


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