Import using google or any CRM capable of exporting a CSV file.

Instant Sync

Front-load all existing contacts into the 3CX Contacts Database.

Stay Up To Date

Contacts Sync automatically keeps your 3CX contacts up to date.


Contacts are added to 3CX automatically from inboud or outbound calls.

Synchronize contacts with 3CX

Ever had that frustrating moment when you needed to reach out to a new customer, but found their contact info missing in your 3CX Company Contacts? Tired of waiting for your customer to call you first, just so you can finally see them listed in your company contact database?

No more waiting for a customer call to populate your 3CX Contacts! With our groundbreaking “3CX Contacts Sync” tool, you can instantly front-load ALL of your existing contacts into the 3CX Company Contacts database.

Whether you’re using Google Contacts or any CRM software capable of exporting a CSV file, we’ve got you covered. Import your contacts seamlessly, regardless of the platform. It also isn’t just a one-off fix. It continually synchronizes with your contact sources, ensuring that your 3CX Company Contacts are always up-to-date. Add a new contact to Google? It’ll automatically show up in 3CX too!

Without this tool, you’re leaving your communication to chance. Imagine not being able to find a crucial new client’s contact info when you need it most. You’re essentially shooting in the dark, unable to initiate proactive outbound calls using the 3CX Company Contacts list.Optimize your contact management today with the 3CX Contacts Sync tool and take your business communications to the next level.




No need to manually enter each contact into your 3CX system. Save time, reduce errors, and focus on what truly matters—your business.

Reach Out First

Don't wait for customers to take the first step. Be proactive and initiate those all-important outbound calls without a hitch.

Unified Database

Keep a cohesive, constantly updated list of all your business contacts in one centralized system, making it easier for your team to manage customer relations.