Recording Manager

Easily manage your call recordings using a simple web portal.

Manage Storage

Archive and compress your recording by half their original size without audio degradation.

Granular Access

Individuals can only see their personal recordings. Managers can review recordings made by their team members based on 3CX Extension Group membership.


Review calls made by agents. Score how they handled the customer and provide feedback with recording notes.

Secure Access

Access recordings from a simple web portal, and lock recordings to prevent deletion.

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Recording Management Simplified

Search, play, download, archive, compress, delete, purge, export, score, and add notes to your call recordings using a simple web portal.

Our design goals for 3CX Recording Manager, are (1) make it simple to find the recording you want fast, (2) reduce your long-term disk storage demands through archiving, and (3) help ensure quality customer service through agent reviews / scoring. Discover how much better recordings management can be! 



Manage Disk Space

Compress your recordings to require 1/2 the original space without audio degradation.

Archive Recordings

Archive recordings for mandated retention. Remove the ability to delete archived recordings.

Review Recordings

Review calls made by agents. Score how they handled the customer. Provide feedback with recording notes.

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