Power Dialer

Automatically dial from a database.

CRM Integration

Pull appointments from CRM / Practice Management (PM) applications, and update CRM / PM information.

Mass Calls

Supports multiple simultaneous calls (dependent on 3CX license and available trunks/bandwidth)

Easy Schedules

Decrease missed appointments by sending automatic reminders to your customers.

More Options

Utilize text-to-speech for customized messages, or play pre-recorded messages

Enhance Agent Performance

Power Dialer can use text-to-speech to produce individualized custom messages. It was designed from the ground up specifically for 3CX to automate unattended calls to patients or customers using unique contact lists (campaigns). When used in conjunction with 3CX Call Flow Designer (CFD) applications, virtually any scenario can be supported.

Power Dialer was originally designed for medical offices to automate appointment reminders, but we quickly discovered our customers are using our dialer for collections, political campaigns, delivery reminders, school activities and much, much more.


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