Ask The Experts: Will 3CX Stop Support for v18?


Customer received the email below from 3CX and is confused about whether 3CX is dropping support for V18 by the end of the year


This is not typical for 3CX to push everyone to the newest version so quickly. I completely understand that investing hours and dollars in a previous version of 3CX is unpleasant, but historically 3CX has always supported the current version of 3CX and one version back (v18 in this case).

I suppose one thing that has clearly changed in recent years is the purpose of service packs. In years past, service packs were largely confined to bug fixes. More recently, however, service packs have become the default vehicle for releasing new features as well. Also, in the past, we routinely had a full release of 3CX every year around the August / September timeframe. That pattern is not followed anymore. Perhaps the policy now for “supported versions” is the current version and perhaps the most recent couple of service packs? It’s not clear to me where the line is anymore.

For me, encouraging (gently pushing) everyone to V20 makes my life easier because we typically only support our tools on versions of 3CX that are supported by 3CX. Still, this apparent change in policy has not really been verbalized openly by 3CX.

Ironically, I was just telling a customer yesterday that I doubted 3CX will drop support for V18 before the end of the year. Today, I’m starting to question that position because I got the same email from 3CX and it sure feels like they are effectively dropping support for V18 by the end of the year.

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