VoIPTools Labs: Artificial Intelligence

Our team has been hard at work integrating AI functionality into our suite of tools. The first tool to benefit from these new AI features is 3CX Recording Manager. With AI assistance, we can now offer the following capabilities:

  • Near-perfect transcription of entire recorded phone calls
  • Summarization of phone calls
  • Task identification assigned during the call
  • Appointment extraction
  • Highlighting key points in the conversation
  • Sentiment analysis of the conversation
  • Agent scoring to evaluate call handling

Simultaneously, we are updating the UI of the Recording Manager to give it a modern look and boost performance, especially when dealing with millions of recordings. Additionally, we are enabling installation of the Recording Manager on Linux.

Another significant enhancement across many of our tools is the improvement of text-to-speech capabilities using AI. The era of robotic-sounding voices is over. Here is an example excerpt taken directly from our website without manipulation:

Our tools that utilize text-to-speech include Survey Creator, Power Dialer, Emergency Notifier, Queue Notifier, and many others. We are working diligently to incorporate these features into our tools. Fortunately, implementing these changes will be straightforward.

If you haven’t experienced the remarkable results provided by Artificial Intelligence yet, you will be amazed by the accuracy of this new technology.

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