Why did 3CX remove the ability for admins to set new user’s passwords?

A user on the 3CX forums complained that in 3CX V20 administrators no longer have the ability to set the password when creating new users, and essentially demanded that the feature be reinstated. 

In my view, 3CX made this change for important security reasons, so it’s unlikely they’ll reverse it. I’m certain this decision was carefully-considered with the intent of maintaining 3CX as a secure platform.

As a 3rd-party developer for the 3CX platform, I know the 3CX security features intimately.  These changes made by 3CX were absolutely needed (trust me) and undoubtedly required a lot of effort to implement.

Businesses do not invest in significant code changes like this on a whim, rather, they undoubtedly felt compelled to make changes in reaction to hacking attempts.

As hackers get smarter, we must adapt to protect our systems.

These changes required substantial updates to our tools too, but ultimately, as painful as the required changes were, we believe 3CX made the right choice to ensure appropriate security.

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