Meeting the Critical Need for a Panic Button with 3CX Emergency Notifier

📢 The Need:

Today, a forum post caught our attention—a user expressed an urgent need for a panic button to quickly notify a group of people in an emergency. The ideal solution would include information about who is in distress and where the emergency is occurring.

💡 The Solution:

Enter the 3CX Emergency Notifier, equipped with a robust panic button feature and alarms. This powerful tool is designed to create an extension that, when dialed, sends instant notifications to a predefined group of people. Notifications can be sent via multiple channels:

  • 📞 Phone (using Text-To-Speech)
  • 📧 Email
  • 📱 SMS Text
  • 💻 Desktop Popup
  • 🔊 Paging System

We offer customizable message templates for both long-form notifications (emails) and short-form notifications (SMS texts and paging). As an extension, you can assign this as a BLF (Busy Lamp Field) panic button on your phone. Plus, you can create continuous alarms that toggle on and off with a simple press. Easy!

🌪️ Real-World Examples:

Tornado Alert:Imagine spotting a tornado outside your window. Instead of fumbling with a phone to make a call, draft an email, or speak over the paging system, just press the panic button and run to safety. Our tool will handle the rest. Once everyone is safe in the tornado shelter, you can deactivate the alarm using your cell phone.

Discreet Help Request: Picture a scenario where a mentally ill person enters your lobby and begins making demands. The receptionist can discreetly press the BLF on their phone, silently sending notifications for emergency assistance at the front desk. This method avoids loud alarms that could escalate the situation, while ensuring help is on the way through multiple notification channels.

With 3CX Emergency Notifier, responding to emergencies has never been easier or more efficient. Stay prepared and stay safe with a tool designed to handle the details so you can focus on what matters most.

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