When will 3CX give up on Windows?

I’m not sure why 3CX has not released a Windows version once they went to production with V20. This is another new pattern for 3CX. Normally 3CX releases both the Linux and Windows versions simultaneously.

As .Net developers (like 3CX) we have found almost no code differences between our Windows and Linux tools. For us, it is essentially one line of code, and handling file paths a little differently. In 3CX’s case, they may be some libraries that are only compatible with Linux and they are still working on getting those libraries to function properly with Windows. We have run into that situation a number of times too.

There has been no comments from 3CX, that I am aware of, that they have any plans to abandon the Windows platform. That would be particularly ironic given 3CX’s history of marketing their PBX as a Windows phone system. But times and technologies change and 3CX has to change with it. I’ll bet there are a lot of internal discussions taking place about how long to continue to support Windows. The increased support fees (making the Windows version only available in the higher-end versions of 3CX) may be just the first shoe to drop.

To be absolutely clear, I have no inside information, and I’m just thinking like a business person. But, if your product works better on Linux, and Linux requires far less resources, and there are no operating system fees to pay, and there are fewer security challenges, and 90% of your customers are choosing Linux anyway, why put the money and resources, and time (time to market) on anything other than Linux? I suspect the only reason there is a Windows version of 3CX today is to honor the existing Windows customer base. That position can only hold water for so long.

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