Ask the Experts: Where can I download the CDR from the administration interface in v20?


Where can I download the CDR from the administration interface in v20 ?

(am I not looking hard enough ?)

3CX Support

The CRD logs cannot be downloaded from the admin console. Instead, you need to navigate to the following path on the server to download them.




It sounds like getting access to the Call Detail Records (CDR) files in V20 is a little more problematic especially if your 3CX server is hosted in the cloud. If your phone system is hosted by 3CX, using an IP Socket connection may be your only option?

Knowing the path where the CDR files are stored is the first step. As mentioned by @NilolasA_3CX, you can find them here:





Provided you are not hosting on 3CX servers, you can use free tools like FileZilla or WinSCP to access the files remotely.

I have long advocated NOT using the IP Socket approach for collecting CDR data — for one simple reason: if your socket service goes down for any reason (software update, network outage, etc.) any calls that come in during that time will be lost forever. Using the file-based approach is far more reliable and makes it simple to “catch-up” on files that came in while your service was down.

Alternatively you may want to take a look at our “3CX Exporter” tool. Exporter monitors real-time events that fire when a new CDR file is created. Our tool automatically extracts the CDR data and saves the contents as records in either a Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database.

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