Ask The Experts: Lowering the number rings before paging


I setup a paging extension and it works except it rings 4 times before I get the beep to page. Anyway i can cut that down to one or none at all ?


This is a symptom of having too many extensions assigned to your paging ring group. It takes time to setup a lot of individual phone calls. The better solution is to use multi-cast. That approach is unaffected by the number of extensions in the group and is the “best practice”. I’ve not tested this in years, but the last time I did the max number of extensions I could put into a paging group and not have massive delays while I wait for the ‘beep” was about 15 phones…. but I assume that delay is, in part, dependent on the hardware running 3CX.

Either reduce the number of extensions in your ring group, or configure the group to use multi-case.  Keep in mind, however, that multi-cast will probably not work if your 3CX is hosted in a separate network (cloud).

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