VoIPTools Webinar – Call Centers


We recently conducted VoIPTools webinar where we explored the various features of VOIPTools, specifically focusing on some of our tools that are especially helpful for call centers. If you are running a call center, or are running a business that requires outbound cold calling, then VoIPTools is what you need!

About the Webinar

From integrations between 3CX systems and VOIPTools to the various customizations VOIPTools can offer, we covered a lot of information in a short time. Here is a quick overview of everything we discussed:

  • A single interface to access all of our various tools.
  • The VOIPTools Relay and Monitor Feature (Feeds in real-time updates in the interface).
  • Custom tool development – For any and every need.
  • Upcoming VOIPTools support for 3CX’s StartUP plan.
  • Queues Wallboard.
  • Dialers – their types, how to set up campaigns, and their time + cost effectiveness.
  • Wrap Up Codes – The importance of categorizing calls at a call center.
  • How the survey creator and surveyor can be immensely helpful for businesses to rectify issues through customer feedback.
  • The use of Caller ID and Auto Voicemail in the context of the Dialer feature.
  • Exporter tool – Using the VOIPTools API to query 3CX for data and create custom reports.
  • Recording Manager and Voicemail Manager – Manage all of your call and voicemail recordings from a real-time table.
  • Upcoming multi-lingual support on VOIPTools.
  • Custom Presence Status – allowing users to create an unlimited number of custom statuses as well as keep track of how long a person has been in that status.
  • A brief about the Do Not Call feature – Allowing users to create a list of numbers they do not want to call.
  • Profile Manager – A crucial feature for large organizations – Simplifies setting up new users and maintaining group assignments. Select your user and correct profile, and you are done.
  • Auto Voicemail – allowing call centers to create an automatic call message for when an outbound call lands in a voicemail box. Reducing call times, increasing productivity, and smoothing out your outbound call process.
  • Recording Beep – Lets customers know that the call is being recorded, as mandated by various governments.
  • Queue Notifier – Play pre-recorded messages or sounds for people in a queue.

Closing Statements

CEO of VoIPTools, Matthew Orr, concluded the webinar with a quick thank you and a small tease about a few of our upcoming tools that will be added to our Universal Subscription free for all subscribers.

We have a belief in providing out customers with the tools they need for their business to succeed. If there is a tool that we do not currently offer or an idea you have for a new feature, please reach out to us!

If you are a 3CX partner and are interesting in becoming a VoIPTools partner as well, please visit our website here: www.VoIPTools.com/partners

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