3CX V18 SP2: Voicemail and On-Call Manager Fixes


With the release of 3CX V18 Service Pack 2 (SP2), 3CX has changed how voicemails are managed internally. In previous versions of 3CX, each voicemail was saved as an audio file on the 3CX server (.wav). Each audio file had a companion (.xml) file that contained detailed information about the voicemail including whether the voicemail had been heard. With the release of 3CX V18 SP2, 3CX has eliminated the XML files and now places voicemail details directly in the 3CX PostgreSQL database.


We have released an update to the VoIPTools Relay that can, once again, detect when a voicemail is heard and push these events to Voicemail Manager and On-Call Manager.

On-Call Manager

With the updated Relay, On-Call Manager can once again be notified when a voicemail is heard. No further issues remain. However, we have released updates to On-Call Manager to ensure compatibility with the newest Relay. Please be sure to upgrade the Relay first, then update On-Call Manager.

Voicemail Manager

With the updated Relay, Voicemail Manager is again receiving notifications when a voicemail is heard. This fixes the primary purpose of Voicemail Manager — the ability to manage voicemails. However, there are three significant features that are broken and there does not appear to be a way to fix them without violating 3CX’s request that we never update data directly in the 3CX PostgreSQL database.

The three remaining broken features are: (1) Enhanced Group Voicemail: This feature previously propagated group voicemails to each member of the group. This had the effect of turning on the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) on each group member’s phone, (2) Voicemail Introductions: Previously we were able to add an audio introduction at the start of a voicemail prior to forwarding the voicemail to another user, and (3) Forwarding Voicemails: Prior to SP2 we were able to forward voicemails to other extensions. Unfortunately, we do not believe it is possible to recreate these features in the current release of 3CX. This is the first time in 14 years that we have been unable to recreate an existing VoIPTools feature in a new release of 3CX.

3CX Response

I personally wrote to the CEO of 3CX regarding this issue. Unfortunately (as expected), we did not receive a response and I have no expectations that our concerns, or the concerns of the 3CX community, will be addressed in any way in the future.

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