VoIPTools Labs: Audio Visualization

  • Allows the user to see a visual representation of the audio file.  This is particularly useful when wanting to skip long periods when a caller was placed on hold.  Without the ability to visually know where the “on hold” period start and ends, you have to sit there and listen to the entire recording.  You can scrub around within the recording by dragging the vertical bar, or in the player control.
  • Note the scale below the audio.  This makes it simple to say “skip to second 54 to listen to the important part”
  • Speed:  If you are a member of the Quality Assurance team, your job it to listen to recordings and score how well the agent handled the call.  Increasing the playback speed means you can listen to more recordings in a shorter period of time while still being able to understand the conversation
  • Ability to download a recording without cluttering the screen.
  • Allow users to control the playback volume
  • Zoom:  This feature allows the user to control the “zoom” level of the visual display.  Zooming out, for example, makes it easier to find blank audio in longer recordings and scroll to a specific place in the recording

This control will make its way into Recording Manager and Voicemail Manager to start.

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