Relay v18.4.42 Updates

Today is the release of the 3CX Relay v18.4.42, which focuses a lot on bringing our tools up to modern standards, including using better visuals, an easier interface, and improved integration. Below is a list of all of the changes that have been made with this new release. If you have questions about any of these updates, please contact us at

  • Upgraded from .Net 5 to .Net 7.  Microsoft has made major improvements to .Net 7.  Much faster execution, better memory utilization, and smaller code.
  • Improved user interface (using MudBlazor controls)
  • Added support for upcoming SAAS cloud version of VoIPTools
  • Added support for 3CX V18 Service Pack 8
  • Added a new notification feature for keeping you aware of changes, updates, and payment  / licensing issues
  • Added support for 3CX’s new hashed passwords
  • Added many new methods and Chat tables to our REST API
  • Added improved sample code
  • Added tighter integration with auto-generated Swagger documentation
  • Improved preservation of existing settings after upgrades
  • Split application into many more threads to take better advantage of multi-core CPUs
  • Added auto-reconnect to 3CX Call Control API if 3CX is rebooted
  • Added visual warnings when Relay cannot communicate with the Call Control API
  • Performs more efficient random license checks with built-in grace period
  • Auto disables / enables event subscription based on free / license mode
  • Optimized many APIs to work better with 3CX V18

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